My Most Recent Video...Graduation 2013

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My Most Recent Video...Graduation 2013

Post by Saint_ »

I taught TV 101 in addition to math for eight years, so it falls upon me to be my school's videographer each year and compile a "Year in Video" movie that will be shown at graduation. I use iMovie software with advanced settings. This year I had to contend with a piece of crap videocamera because my good one broke, but I just got a new Sony HD so my future stuff will be better. Oh, and I do the voiceover at the beginning.

I'm going to post a few of these from recent years. See if you can guess who I am in the movies. If you like it, great! If you don't...I don't want to hear about it because this takes basically two hundred hours of my life!

(And politicizing or overanalyzing. It's just a fun video...nothing more.)


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My Most Recent Video...Graduation 2013

Post by Snowfire »

Really good Saint. Nice incidental music that helped it flow nicely and good editing

You were the shy one doing your eye make up, weren't you :D
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My Most Recent Video...Graduation 2013

Post by Oscar Namechange »

I always enjoy seeing youngsters happy and enjoying what they do.

You're the pretty one In the purple dress arn't you /
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My Most Recent Video...Graduation 2013

Post by tabby »

Good job, Saint, that was fun to watch!
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