moonface moves to nine!

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moonface moves to nine!

Post by Jika »

so bert is making the big move to nine.

i can't wait to see how he goes. i <3 moonface. :D i am actually relieved that he's escaped the moronic, infomercial morning tv format. he is, and always has been, way to class for that crap.

infact, i'd go so far as to say, he should be doing a late night laughfest, but maybe he's to old for that caper?

anyhoo, am looking forward to my bert fix at 5:30's when i can catch it.
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moonface moves to nine!

Post by Alfred »

i saw some TV show where they showed what might have happened in the elevator as he left... funny stuff.

but really 5:30 is too early for anything to happen, not even the end of the world should happen at that hour.
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moonface moves to nine!

Post by Jcas »

I have been watching berts new quiz program Family Feud, and i find it rather enjoyable and relaxing, i always enjoy playing at home too...:-6

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