Dog barks at the TV !

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Dog barks at the TV !

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How do you stop a Shitzu barking at the TV everytime she sees a dog?

PS Inspector Rex is her favourite show
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Dog barks at the TV !

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Blindfold her. :D
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Dog barks at the TV !

Post by valerie »

Obedience training will help. Believe it or not, teaching the dog the "Speak"

command will let you control the behavior. Use the dog's name first, then

the command, then treat. The only command that should NOT have the

dog's name in front of it is NO... but don't feel bad if you slip once in a

while, I still do and I know better!

When the program in question comes on, have treats handy. They should

be something the dog doesn't get at any other time. One good one I have

used is minced bits of boiled skinless chicken breast. For your size dog,

these should be very tiny. They are yummy to the dog yet aren't likely

to cause tummy upset. Switch the dog's focus from the tv to YOU.

You are the most fun thing in her universe. You give out yummy treats,

the tv doesn't. Your dog should eventually get the idea that it's not

okay to bark at the tv. Give the dog sharp correction: NOOOO!! when she

barks, the minute she is quiet for two seconds... tell her what a good dog

she is and treat.

(Edited to add: This might be confusing... if you decide to teach the

"Speak" command, do it at another time entirely, preferably when the

tv is off, not at the same time you do the NO and correction!)

Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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