hartlepool schoolgirl murderers to be sentenced thursday the AA grumpy column

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hartlepool schoolgirl murderers to be sentenced thursday the AA grumpy column

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good evening from your old pal the the grumps

tonights story is a crime that shocked hartlepool as two 15 year old girls are to be sentenced on thursday for the murder of angela wrightson.

even your grumps was moved by the shocking calousness of it all.

the mirror are running two stories this one i will share with you is the less distressing of the two even i couldnt bring myself to column the other one.

Two “devil” schoolgirls who took selfies as they sadistically murdered a vulnerable woman face life behind bars.

The 13 and 14 year old killers, who have been friends since primary school but cannot be identified for legal reasons, sobbed as a jury found them guilty of murder The jury had heard how the teenagers killed Angela Wrightson, 39, “for fun”.

They smashed a television on her head and battered her with a shovel.

Angela, who was an alcoholic , suffered more than 100 wounds when she was also beaten with a kettle, a coffee table, a stick studded with screws and a vase It is feared Angela’s torture may have lasted for up to eight hours During that time they ignored their victim as she begged them to leave her alone, crying out; “Please don’t. Stop. I’m scared.”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, with the girls kicking her until pieces of flesh flew from her head.

They even paused the beating and took a chilling selfie with Miss wrightson behind them slumped injured on the sofa.

They then stripped her naked and defiled her corpse as she lay helpless.

While at the house, the younger girl made a phone call to a pal who who heard her say “Go on (older girl). Smash her head in. Bray her. ******* kill her,” as another laughed in the background.

A former neighbour said: “Separately they were fine, they could be quite sweet girls. But together they were devils.”

The pair left Angela’s house laughing using the police as a taxi service to get them back to where they were staying in local authority care.

They were giggling so much the police operator asked them ‘what’s so funny?’

Showing completely no remorse the younger girl then took a picture of her friend in the police van and posted it on the Snapchat app saying they were “in the back on the bizzie van again.”

The younger girl’s mother fled court in tears as Mr Justice Globe said her daughter would be detained for life The teen’s father followed his wife out of court. The older girl’s parents did not attend the trial.

Mr Justice Globe said: “There is only one sentence for a crime of murder and as far as these girls are concerned it is detention for life.”

The girls, both now 15, were led out of the dock sobbing with their hands over the faces. Their cries could be heard for some time.

Later when they had had composed themselves the Judge brought them back into court to tell them they would be sentenced on Thursday.

He said it was too late in the day to continue and told them they had to return to court later this week before thanking the jury of eight women and four men.

After the hearing, Angela’s mother Maureen and her family said :”It’s true that Angela (or Angie as she was known to us all) led a troubled and at times chaotic lifestyle And as a family we were not as close as we ought to have been. The chance to put that right has been taken away from us.

“Listening to the details of her injuries and of her final moments has been a harrowing experience and something which will continue to haunt us each and every day No sentence, regardless of its severity, will ever bring Angie back The two girls responsible will one day be women themselves, free to live their lives and perhaps have children of their own - a right which was taken from Angie.

“We would like to thank the police and the prosecution team for their compassion and continued support throughout this difficult time.

we’d also like to thank those people who gave evidence and spoke on Angie’s behalf in court And, if any positive can be taken from this experience, it is the kindness displayed by those who knew Angie best.

“Angie’s infectious personality touched the hearts of so many people and it is those fond memories which we continue to cherish as we attempt to move forward.”

Angela was murdered near the centre of Hartlepool, County Durham, on December 8, 2014.

The next day, the older girl began asking her care worker how long the sentence for murder was.

When she was told it could be seven years for manslaughter she said the sentence might “sort her out” as she could do courses behind bars and would have her own TV and Playstation.

Angela Wrightson's killers 'sweet apart but devils together' who subjected her to '8-hour' torture for fun - Mirror Online


what a shocking horrific and haunting story not just a lady the system let down and failed to help her with her alchoholism but of the murder of a vunerable person it has all the overtones of jamie bulger all over again.

i couldnt believe it was in hartlepool untill i actually read the whole story

what drives two fifteen year old girls to commit such a diabolical act just what kind of society have we bred today.

the other story as i said was very graphic and distressing even i had to stop reading it and i kid you not.

mr justice globe has now to decide how to sentence them he has hinted detention for life which could be a whole tariff which is unlikely but a life sentence and possibly a recomendation of 10 to 15 years before parole we will have to see on thursday but i just hope that justice globe wont be swayed by their tears.

so the realisation has kicked in for the two girls all i can say is good and the tears are probably crocodile tears at the fate that awaits them

because angela never got that option when these two cowardly thugs took her her life.
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hartlepool schoolgirl murderers to be sentenced thursday the AA grumpy column

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Chances are they'll be out in 5 years, being showered with all sorts of expensive goodies to rehabilitate these poor youngsters, who were obviously victims of a repressed society.

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