No surprieses there then

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No surprieses there then

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Margaret Thatcher believed South Africa should be a 'whites-only state', says UK's former chief diplomat | The Independent

Didn't like her then still don't. Her legacy is one the tories should be ashamed of.

Actually compared to the present lot I feel almost nostalgic. The thin is imo we have been badly let down by both labour and the libdems. Anyone with halfd a brain could have told the libdems what would happen to their political party post coalition.

OK so I mistyped the title
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No surprieses there then

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Well, my half brain wasn't working too well. I think we were all so surprised. The biggest part of the disaster was that it meant Cameron didn't have to deal with the far right of his party at that time, and with hindsight it might have made all the difference. At the time I was pleased that the coalition had effectively shut down the far right.

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