New Tom Cruise film sucks

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New Tom Cruise film sucks

Post by Lon »

I walked out on this film this afternoon after 50 minutes. I thought it stunk and made absolutely no sense, and I like science fiction and action films. This is the fourth film that I have walked out on in the past four months. Where are all the good flicks? The best film that I have seen in the past few months was through

Prime/ It was filmed in Norway with English sub titles. and is a true story called Max Manus
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New Tom Cruise film sucks

Post by LarsMac »

I am with you. The last good Sci-Fi, in my opinion was Ender's game.

Before that was Alien, I think.

A good movie is hard to come by these days.

Tom Cruise has not been among my favorite actors, ever. Though a couple of things he has done proved to be watchable.

"Knight and Day" was kind of clever.

"Oblivion" was fairly interesting. But then it might have been Olga Kurylenko that kept me watching that one. She is a stunning beauty, IMHO.

His 'Von Stauffenburg', in "Valkyrie" was pretty good.
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New Tom Cruise film sucks

Post by Wandrin »

One of the reviews on Tom Cruise's new film said that the best thing about it was that you got to see him die 13 times.

Yes, there has been a dearth of good scifi movies recently.

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