Selecting a New Dog.

Choosing the right pet. Questions & Advice.
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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by clavin »

Bringing a pet in your house is a serious matter.

take a look at this little report on this subject.

This is just just a little info.
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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by valerie »

This is okay on some things, not on others. I would not like to see anyone

get a puppy from a pet store. Those places encourage "puppy mills" and

indiscriminate breeding. The very best place is your local Animal Shelter,

or if you REALLY want a specific breed, check out the numerous rescue

groups that exist for just about every breed.

And I don't agree with getting puppies in every case when you have kids.

Older kids, maybe, but you must consider when puppies outgrow their

"cuteness" they are often relegated to the back yard and develop all sorts

of temperment problems. The single greatest cause of death in dogs under

1 year of age is not Parvo, it's not Distemper, it's lack of obedience

training. Puppies become a handful, are taken to a shelter where they

are often euthanized.

If you DO decide to go with a breeder, check them out... reputable

breeders will not sell a pup to someone they think wouldn't be the

best fit. And strongly consider the time the family has to devote to

a pup. Puppies are cute, puppies are fun, puppies are a LOT of work.

Active families might not have time for one.

And please, please, if you get nothing else from this post, DO NOT buy

your kids a puppy (or kitten) for Christmas. I know it's VERY tempting,

but it's about the worst time of year to get a pup what with all the

holiday hoopla.
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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by abbey »

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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by BabyRider »

It's interesting to me that 4 of the first 5 dogs listed in "Selecting a breed" are dogs that require a HUGE amount of grooming. Also, the 5th dog listed is a Newfoundland, which they claim is the dog from the movie "Turner and Hooch." The dog in that movie was a form of mastiff, NOT a Newfie. I stopped reading at that point, because most of the info up to that point was vague at best.

Val, yet again, I agree 10,000% about avoiding buying a puppy from a pet store at all costs. Over-bred, over-priced and usually from a puppy mill. Avoid them, PLEASE. A rescue group if you want a specific breed, or your local ASPCA if breed isn't a factor.
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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by ELF »

I want a doggie for Christmas, but having a Grinch around is enough for me.:)
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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by minks »

OMG turner and Hooch and the article said the dog in that was a newfie, how far from the truth is that. Good point BR.

Another tip might I suggest you read up on the breed you are interested and see if it works for you. Take into consideration the following

Children, yes or no.

If yes, any special needs? Ie, the child needs extra attention, the child is hyper active, the child has ADHD or ADD.

Then consider the combinations.

No high strung dog for an ADHD child. Very very bad combo as this is most unsettling for the dog.

Do not give an ADHD, or ADD child a dog and tell the child it is his responsibility unelss you are prepared to take of, as these kids are not good with responsibility on their own.

Do not pair up a high maintenence child with a high activity dog, these dogs become jealous and annoying.

Also consider what the dog can bring into your family.

Dogs bred as watch dogs they bark, they are protective, they can bite. Can you and your kids deal with this.

Playful dogs, they require loads of your time, as they have energy beyond energy, will this fit your and your kids schedules?

Your gentle throw rug kind of breed, the lap dog, does this match your kids? Are your kids calm, easy going and liable to be calm around this breed?

Dogs are largely influenced by their humans so please take into consideration their common traits per their breed.
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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by clavin »

Thanks Minks,

Your info is very valuable, I will insert it in the report.

Thanks again.
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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by LilacDragon »

If people did half the research into breeds of dogs before getting a puppy as they did when they bought a car, there would be a lot fewer dogs in shelters.

Puppies are a PITA. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. The lovely collie pup you get does not grow into Lassie without TONS of work by the owner. The owner being the adult in the family - not the child that the puppy was purchased for. Housebreaking and training takes LOTS of time and patience. Training isn't something that you do this month and have finished. It continues for the life of the dog.

There are over 122,000 dogs listed on today. Many of these are with wonderful rescue groups that take time to teach dogs basic house manners and make every effort to match their dogs to prospective buyers. In late January, early February, they will be inundated with young pups that were given as gifts and were either not really wanted or more work then the family thought they would be.

Just before my son was born, I rescued a rottweiler from the local shelter. While she didn't grow up with my son, they were almost inseperable. She quickly learned everything I wanted her to know. Her passing taught my son about death and love. Rescue dogs have so very much to give.

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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by (Not so) clueless »

i have been thinking about getting a dog for company for me. My kids are at school all day and I would like company! I work 2-3 hours a day so my pup wouldnt be home alone for very long and we have an ok sized yard for him/her to run around in. I just cant bring myself to choose just one! Every time we have gone to the local shelter there have been so many that i just cant choose. I figure one of these days the right one will just jump out at me...:thinking:
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Selecting a New Dog.

Post by sandracos »

great thread!

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