The I what?

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The I what?

Post by koan »

I bought a copy of the I Ching a long time ago and have never been able to make much sense of the parables. Apparently this thing is amazing...if you can figure out what they are talking about.


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The I what?

Post by Vesuvius »

Don't think yourself alone!

Carl Jung spent half a lifetime trying to figure it out. :confused:

There are many books with interpreted explanations to make it easier, I'll try to find links and post them soon.

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The I what?

Post by Pythos »

It is a means of divination or fortune telling. I am surprised your copy did not have instructions, as mine did. It revolves around the casting of coins, while focusing on a question that requires more than a yes or no answer. The results of the castings give two trigrams, which are then looked up in the book. Reflect on the text as it applies to the question.

My copy also stated that one could skip the casting and turn to a random page while focusing on a question.

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