Remember Comic Relief?

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Remember Comic Relief?

Post by Marie5656 »

Anyone remember Comic Relief..from back in the 80's? Hosted by Billy Crystal, Robin Williams and Whoppie featured stand up comics doing a benefit "telethon" for charity. Folks called in pledges. Anyway, they are doing on this coming Saturday on HBO (check your local listings for time) to benefit New Orleans.
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Remember Comic Relief?

Post by beautyful »

Obviously I don't remember the Comic Relief of which you speak (I'm from England) but thought I would chip in coz we have a similar thing, in fact its called the same...presented by Lenny Henry (if anyone knows who i mean) Its been going for years but I think they have stopped it now coz we have a lot of what you call Telethons in Britain (Children in need etc)

Anyway point of this was I wondered what your Comic Relief entailed? Whether it was similar to ours?

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