Poll: Nomad's Siggy Pic!

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Poll: Nomad's Siggy Pic!

Post by RedGlitter »

I am having trouble pasting the photo so youll have to look it up. :o

Nomad's new signature picture gets me every time. I keep thinking that's the guy's hair! So here's a stupid poll! :D

Grr! Sorry I misspelled your name, Nomad! I can't seem to edit it. :o
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Poll: Nomad's Siggy Pic!

Post by Marie5656 »

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Poll: Nomad's Siggy Pic!

Post by koan »

I have to readjust my eyes to see it as hair. It's a plant to me unless I try.

But who is that guy, anyway?
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Poll: Nomad's Siggy Pic!

Post by Rapunzel »

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Poll: Nomad's Siggy Pic!

Post by cars »

Rapunzel;496579 wrote: That pic is of the late great Robert Morley! Star of screen and stage. :)

http://www.screenonline.org.uk/people/i ... index.html


I see a very strong resemblance between Robert & Alfred Hitchcock below.

Cars :)
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Poll: Nomad's Siggy Pic!

Post by 911 »

I always liked him. He was a good actor and seemed to always play the uppity Brit.

No offense to anyone, of course. :) That's just the way I remember him in the movies.
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