Reality sandwiches (ginsberg)

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Reality sandwiches (ginsberg)

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plazul wrote: So now they're going to try to trump Trump with a new anything for money reality show called, The Benefactor. Oy, enough already.

The show features a self made Houston billionaire offering a million dollars to whoever wins his sadistic little sell out game in which contestants must be backstabbers and conniving bastards in order to have a shot at the cash.

Cool! heh.

Isn't this your typical American these days? At least on TV. Cynical reality show producers are competing to see who can put contestants into the most degrading and humiliating situations and people are lining up for blocks to have a chance to be the next big time *reality star*. In fact, get this, my niece is a casting agent for a reality show traveling the country in search of real people to audition.

I like to think that most people still have some pride but I wouldn't go around betting money on it.

You can see the end of the evolutionary scale regarding reality tv can't you?

First the MTV shows. Then Survivor. Then Paradise Island.....

it is continuing -----> to evolve ------>

to evolve --------------------------------------------->

into the Jerry Springer Show.
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Reality sandwiches (ginsberg)

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It reflects our society's values.

What people will do for money.
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Reality sandwiches (ginsberg)

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I cannot stand these trashy talk shows. Anyway's I dont watch much tv either except maybe for news and the discovery channel.

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