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World Museums

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Directory to Museums Online

This site is really interesting...multiples of varying subjects to keep you occupied. :)

In their database they have a list of 1000's of museums, zoos, historical societies and related organizations . You can search for a specific name or topic at any time.

There is also "themed" directories.

Sample from deep inside the web site....

Home Page...

Museums Online Gateway :
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World Museums

Post by Mustang »

Pretty cool links, binbag! Thanks for sharing them. :-6
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World Museums

Post by Odie »

pretty cool links is right.

nice to see Toronto's under countries.

I had no idea just how many there was worldwide.

thanks for sharing binbag!:guitarist
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World Museums

Post by kazalala »

Thanks binbag;) you find some great sites, i loved the poetry collection on that first one, some quite sad and morbid pics there really but i like things that make me feel, if you know what i mean:)


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