The urbanisation of Otters In Britain...

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The urbanisation of Otters In Britain...

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Urban otters join foxes and squirrels in Britain's towns and cities - Telegraph

The Fluffy conservationist's will have you believe this Is all down to cleaning up our waterways and replenishing fish stocks but there Is a more worrying moral aspect to this.

Otter Conservation

Due to the decline In Otters, conservationist's have actually been breeding Asian Otters, keeping them for up to a year before releasing them onto Britain's river banks.

River otters tend to be solitary and fairly territorial. Avoidance is a very significant factor in river otter social behavior.

River otters defend their territories by marking, scratching, and occasionally fighting.

Due to the territorial nature of the river Otter, no pair will live within spitting distance of each family and need a vast distance between family and family.

The fluffy conservationists seemed to have Ignored this vital point releasing mating pairs onto British water ways virtually on top of each other In a bid to Increase mating chances and survival.

As an animal rights campaigner, I am all for helping little chaps along who face extinction but sometimes the do-gooders get it wrong.

I hear numerous reports from Anglers who have been minding their own business on a river bank, bait alarm set, all ready for a snooze only to be woken abruptly by a river otter semi-tame, rummaging about In his bait box expecting to be hand fed.

Now, we wonder why this usually shy, timid creature Is wandering up our High streets.

Still.... Give It a Year and the Tories will pass a bill to hunt them all down and shoot them.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. R.L. Binyon

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