Jury Duty

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Lady J
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Jury Duty

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"Jury service is one of the most important civic obligations that citizens have. To be available to serve on a jury is both a privilege and an obligation."

OK ~~~ I can buy this but I have been there since last Monday....and still there.

I come home from jury duty and spend the rest of the evening doing work related stuff.


Tomorrow should be the last day....

One thing I have discovered is that it would be (if I had the time) worth my while to sit thru some of the more interesting cases and weaving stories from them. Great writing prompt!

Can't tell you anything about the trial unless I kill you! :wah:

But will share with you when done.

Have you ever served on a jury?
Patsy Warnick
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Jury Duty

Post by Patsy Warnick »

I seem to be requested for Jury Duty frequently.

Only one time I avoided the requested - it was so far away I needed a passport..:wah:

I find court/legal process interesting.

Good luck

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Jury Duty

Post by tabby »

About 12 years ago, I served for one year on a Federal Grand Jury. I had to devote one week per month to them and although I started out with great trepidation, I ended up having a wonderful time! I've never been summoned for a local or state jury.
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Oscar Namechange
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Jury Duty

Post by Oscar Namechange »

When one of my niece's was just 18 years old, she was called for Jury service. The whole thing was a farce. She had only just got married and had a new born baby. The trial was an extremely complex fraud Investigation and my niece Is dyslexic and has mild learning difficulties. In the main, not wanting to leave her new born son, my sister wrote to the court and laid out why she was totally unsuitable. They absolutely refused point blank to let her off. The trial dragged on for 7 weeks which caused severe disruption to the new born. My niece was way out of her depth and just didn't understand the complexity of the fraud. When It came to the time to reach a decision, she felt Intimidated and rail roaded by other Jurers telling her what verdict to reach... In all, a thoroughly ridiculous situation and traumatic time for my niece.
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Jury Duty

Post by LarsMac »

I've been notified several times, but always released before actually having to appear at the court.
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Jury Duty

Post by AnneBoleyn »

LarsMac;1412359 wrote: I've been notified several times, but always released before actually having to appear at the court.

me too
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Jury Duty

Post by YZGI »

I was on a murder trial about 10 yrs ago. In fact, now that I think about it the guy got 10 yrs in prison. He is probably due to get out about now. I was the jury foreman, we found him guilty of 2nd degree murder. He had climbed into a window of a guy that sold at the very least, alcohol to underage kids. He was there to steal the booze when the dude woke up. He shot at him 9 times, hitting him 4 times. His prints were on the window seal and window.
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Jury Duty

Post by Lon »

My last jury trial concerned an 82 year old lady that had stolen a carton of cigarettes from K-Mart. Can you believe a jury trial for this? She was claiming that her meds made her do it. We held off deliberating until after our free lunch of pizza and then voted to convict the old broad. (No Mercy)
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Jury Duty

Post by Snowfire »

I served on a jury during a stalking trial of a TV personality some 12 years ago and when that was over, there was the case of 2 men, neither of which could speak or understand English, smuggling 5 million cigarettes into the country.

Loved every minute of it
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Jury Duty

Post by along-for-the-ride »

I have served on a jury twice. Once for a child molestation case and another for a drug possession case.
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Bryn Mawr
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Jury Duty

Post by Bryn Mawr »

I was called once. At the time I was a one man business and if I didn't work the company would go under.

I requested a temporary stay of execution whilst I sorted my affairs out but they gave me a lifetime reprieve.

That was never my intent and I've always regretted not having the chance to serve on a jury just to see what it's like.

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