Youngest (?) Marine sounds off

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Youngest (?) Marine sounds off

Post by valerie »

What an adorable toddler:

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Youngest (?) Marine sounds off

Post by AnneBoleyn »

Sounds more like mind control & brainwashing.
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Youngest (?) Marine sounds off

Post by fuzzywuzzy »

I gave my son a book when he was little to have when he was bigger. It was a school based book that the UN put out (series of books really) It covered all aspects of children in War. What struck me about one topic that I'd never thought of until I saw two pictures in this book . One picture was of a little boy around four looking up at an American president adorned in a little military uniform ....and I thought aaawwwhhhh. cute ...But there was another picture as well. A little boy the same age dressed to the nines in a military uniform looking very cute, looking up at Hitler, and Hitler giving him an 'Awwhhh' kind of smile.

The book was asking ..what's the difference? And I thought about it and basically there is no difference. Adults will put their own thoughts and beliefs into a child until it essentially hurts them.

this father could be just playing word games with his son ....I hope he stops it soon though .

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