Using Biker Apps to Chat

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Using Biker Apps to Chat

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Nowadays, we like to use Biker Apps to communicate with other biker friends, the [product placement links removed by moderator] must be most populor Apps for bikers. Chat feature is very important for us, we can send a timely message that help us to make friends easily, furthermore, we can contact our friends anytime and anywhere.

So, have you even used any nice App for bikers? Please share with us!
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Using Biker Apps to Chat

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hdseven;1492886 wrote: So, have you even used any nice App for bikers? Please share with us!

This is from the Ethics Code Statement of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association:We practice openness about the relationship between consumers, advocates, and marketers. We encourage word of mouth advocates to disclose their relationship with marketers in their communications with other consumers. We don't tell them specifically what to say, but we do instruct them to be open and honest about any relationship with a marketer and about any products or incentives that they may have received.

We stand against shill and undercover marketing, whereby people are paid to make recommendations without disclosing their relationship with the marketer.

Would you like to to disclose your marketing relationship?
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